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Where has your animal or bird has flown to?

Where in the world has this special kiwi, sheep, fantail, pukeko, tuatara or kangaroo of yours has landed? – Please tell us by sending a message in this form:

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    Kirstin  Topsham, Exeter, Devon, Uk

    Phew, what a migration that was. I’ve now got a lovely spot by the River Exe where there’s loads of bugs for me to eat. And new friends. I like the godwits.

    Diane  Brighton, , UK

    Fantail has arrived after a long flight and is now sitting above a Piranha fish in the display cabinet

    Jesse Hillman  St Helena Island, S Atlantic, United Kingdom-English, Saint Helena Island, South Atlantic

    Our daughters sent us a Fantail which now resides in pride of place on the cottage windowsill, deep in Old Woman Valley where we live. Here we are busy conserving the Wirebird, or St Helena Plover. This is St Helena’s only surviving landbird and endemic so found nowhere else in the world. Perhaps you could model that too? Best wishes – Chris & Sheila Hillman

    Alicia  Barcelona, , Spain

    Our Kiwi is from Wanaka and now he’s living in Barcelona. He looks so happy with his new family and we are happy too.

    Lalau Mayrink  Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil

    I just got one Kiwi Can Fly postcard from a friend who visited New Zealand recently. I love it. It is now leaving in Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil.

    Lalau Mayrink  Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil

    I just got one Kiwi Can Fly postcard from a friend who visited New Zealand recently. I love it. It is now leaving in Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil.

    Bev Cooper  Northam, West Australia, Australia

    Hello, A fantail arrived in Mum’s garden in Northam. It has flown all around the garden and is right at home, enjoying the birdbath and native plants. My sister Chris was kind enough to sent the fantail. Chris lives in Ruakaka, New Zealand.

    Joanne Tan   , , Singapore

    What a joy to get my little pukeko from a good friend in Dunedin! Pookie is all assembled now and happily perching on my desk.

    Julie Mason  Eckington, Pershore, Worcestershire, UK

    I received my fantail for my birthday from my daughter and son-in-law, who are currently working in New Zealand.

    Indre  Vilnius, , Lithuania

    I was given my lovely fantail by my future parents-in-law from New Zealand. I love the idea of kiwi’s and other NZ animals flying around the world and I’m very proud to be the first Lithuanian to receive one! 🙂

    ioan lewis  llandysul, ceredigion, United Kingdom

    Hi, Our Pukeko sits proudly on our window sill here in Wales – a lovely reminder of when we lived in Nelson during 2006-07. Might have to bring him back for a visit home soon 🙂

    Avis Fullerton  Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada

    I love my little kiwi who was sent to me from my family who are living in NZ for six months.And I just had the priviledge of visiting them in your beautiful country….Loved the country and the friendly people. Avis Fullerton Nova Scotia, Canada

    Réjean Gatineau  Mont Saint Hilaire, Québec, CANADA

    I was given my kiwi by my kiwi girlfriend when she returned froma brief trip home.

    Susan Scott  , East Yorkshire, UK

    Hi, My Tuatara came to East Yorkshire,UK, as a Mother’s Day gift from my daughter in Paraparaumu, Kapiti Coast. I hope it will be happy here. We love NZ and can’t wait to revisit.

    Darla   Beloit, Wisconsin, USA

    I received my Kiwi today from Kathy of New Zealand who I contacted through genealogy research. What a great gift from New Zealand!

    ian gallacher  swaffham, norfolk, east anglia, england

    my kiwi was sent too me by my sister, who lives in palmerston north. So it is now sitting proudly on my mantel peice. these kiwi’s are a great idea.

    ian gallacher  swaffham, norfolk, east anglia, england

    my kiwi was sent too me by my sister, who lives in palmerston north. So it is now sitting proudly on my mantel peice. these kiwi’s are a great idea.

    len phillips  gloucester, , uk

    surprize to see the kiwi didnt know it could fly such a distance takes pride of place on my unit in my front room

    Jane Brunskill  Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

    My kiwi has settled on the lounge windowsill looking out over the fields of Netherthong near Holmfirth in West Yorkshire UK. I received it as part of my birthday present from my grandchildren Floyd and Ivy who live in Raglan NZ.

    Jim and Cathy  Madison, Wisconsin, USA

    Our Tuatara came to us from our son who was in NZ as a geologist. The tuatara was one of his favorite animals growing up in Wisconsin, so we were excited he got to be in their natural habitat. We are pleased to give this tuatara a new home here!

    Pamela  Calstock, Cornwall, U.K.

    My Pukeko landed in the Tamar Valley in Cornwall for my birthday on April 13th. It was given directions from my friends in Geraldine!

    Pim Duermeijer  Utrecht, , The Netherlands

    My Kiwi can Fly sculpture has landed in the Netherlands. It was a beautiful birthday present from my daughter in Wellington

    Daniel  London, , UK

    My tuatara just arrived and we took him on holiday to Mallorca.

    Aurore  Reims, Champagne, France

    My sister sent me the Kiwi from her trip to New Zealand. It’s really nice. It became a good friend of my cat. It’s a little sad because of the weather here but it discovered the Champagne and liked it 😉 so, not so bad….

    The Meyers  Bluff City, Tennessee, USA

    I purchased the Kiwi for our home as I love the little birds and thought it would be so nice to have a reminder of our trip. It was our first time to your beautiful country and won’t be the last. I love how your Whole country is into the protection and preservation of such a unique and wonderful place and wildlife.

    Greg Bliss  Stilton, Cambridgeshire, UK

    My ally sheep has joined the flock at Ermine Lodge, they are about to drop lambs,some ally lambs would be good with the price of metal! Thanks Peter remember Spot?!

    Jason  Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    love my kiwi budy!


    Julia  Schweinfurt, , Germany

    I got the Kiwi from my mother and my brother, who wanted to send me a special greeting, because I have moved to a student hostel. I <3 Kiwis 🙂

    anna battler  queensville, ontario, canada

    My pukeko arrived today….long flight from New Zealand. He’ll make friends with the ravens and the blue jays,lol.

    Kelly  Greenwich, London, UK

    Whilst at home for Christmas in Newcastle, Australia, a parcel of presents arrived by post from my brother in NZ. Inside was Kiwi, who then flew with us back to the UK, via a few days rest and relaxation in Dubai!

    liau seok fen  kluang, johor, Malaysia

    its was amazing when I first received the Kiwi Can Fly Postcard from someone special and I care about~she was in working holidays in New Zealand about 5 months and during these period I missed her a lot~Now this pretty little sculpture was stayed in MALAYSIA.

    Ramona Yohe  Fargo, North Dakota, , USA

    My kiwi was sent to me by my daughter, son in law, and grandson and is now living in Fargo, ND.

    Phil Hanna  Parkgate, Templepatrick, Co Antrim, Northern Ireland

    Hi, we bought a Kiwi & a Pukeko whilst on honeymoon in NZ. They are now residing in our bar ‘The Roost’ above our garage both very happy!! A great idea for a present or a souvenir.

    Deborah Levine  Birmingham, Alabama, USA

    I love my fantail! My daughter and her fiance, flew my fantail from Auckland par avion! It sits proudly near a picture of them! They will be married in NZ in a year and I plan to “fly” there par avion and to see a real fantail! Love it!

    Fergus Hegan  London,

    Hello. I just got home from nursery and found that my Grannie and Poppa from Christchurch have sent me a ‘kiwicanfly’ sheep It will live in my bedroom in Balham in SouthWest London. From Fergus


    My neighbor sent us this kiwi here in Toronto,ontario. We recived it at exactly 5:00 pm aint’ that cool! And wow! I love the idea of a kiwi can fly. Poor little kiwi it must be scary for him to fly around like that. 🙂

    Maria José  , , Spain

    Today (6 th of March 2012) a KIWI landed in my garden,in the south of SPAIN; sent ahead by my friend Yvonne who was enjoying a trekkingtour in Kiwi-Land, telling that she is coming back soon with a lot of stories 😛

    Peter and Joe Francis  West Byfleet, Surrey, UK

    Our Kiwi flew here from our grandparents who are on holiday in New Zealand at the moment. He is really cool!

    Sally Penman  North Berwick, , Scotland

    My tuatara has come all the way to North Berwick in Scotland, sent by my sister for my birthday. He reminds me of the story of Hutu and Kawa Meet Tuatara, which my grandmother gave us in the 1960s.

    Justine  , London, UK

    I was sent a kiwi for Christmas by my best friend’s sister who lives near Tauranga – it sits next to the pukeko that my friend from Te Awamutu sent me last year. They both have pride of place in my living room in East London, UK – a stone’s throw from the Olympic Park.

    Allie Neal  Augusta, Western Australia, Australia

    Received a pukeko from an Aussie friend who had visited NZ. I’m an expat originally from Dunedin. They’re a lovely idea. Well done.

    Kevin  Upper Hutt, , New Zealand

    My fantail landed in Upper Hutt for My 60th birthday A great idea for a gift and so easy to make up.

    Annette   Hastings,  , England

    My kiwi is very happy looking at his reflection on the games table next to the NZ penguin

    Karen  Denver, CO, United States

    I received my Kiwi from a Canadian friend who’s touring NZ. Easily the coolest post card I’ve ever received. The kiwi now lives on the top shelf of a book case in Denver, Colorado, the Mile High City.

    David Jones  Launton, Oxon, England

    Hi, my sister sent me my kiwicanfly sheep for Christmas, just a little reminder of NZ.

    Jane-Marie Oudyn  Keperra, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

    My Kiwi was flown with my Dad to Mareeba in Far North Queensland, before taking his first solo flight from Mareeba to Keperra in Brisbane for Christmas :-). He loves his new home in my lounge room overlooking everything and comes and goes.

    Jan Friedlander

    I love my fantail sent to me in queensland australia and look forward to receiving other birds

    kaylin  , , netherlands

    Hi, we live in a very small village in the south of the Netherlands. Our 4 year old daughter got this funny sheep from my very special friend in New Zealand for x-mas. Thank you!! great that we still keep in touch after so many years

    Jess  London, , England

    I just got my kiwi from my friends in Dannevirke, New Zealad. He’ll spend his time looking over London now!

    Ben Bishop-wells  Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England

    Hi, My Kiwi can fly Tuatara was given to me as a gift from my auntie who recently returned from her holiday in New Zealand. My Tuatara is now living on my shelf in my bedroom,he seems to be very happy and settled,and i will love and look after him. Ben 14yrs.

    Heide  Osoyoos, B C, Canada

    My Kiwi was sent to me by a friend in New Zealand.

    Carys-Mary  Southampton, Hampshire, Uk

    It was sent to me from my friend who has just moved nr Auckland. I got the kiwi, but now would like them all!! They are very nice.

    Richard Locke  High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England

    My Kiwi enjoyed his flights from Christchurch to Sydney, Bangkok and finally to London Heathrow. He then went by taxi to High Wycombe. Thanks.

    Wendy OSler  Haddington, East Lothian , Scotland

    Received my Kiwi today from my daughter who spent Xmas and New Year near Auckland. I love it!

    Elisabeth  Okotoks, Alberta, Canada

    Hi, A friend I work with, visited New Zealand and gifted me with the sculpture.

    Suvi   Helsinki, , Finland

    Hi, one kiwi just flew (?!) to Helsinki, Finland. A friend was visiting NZ and surprised me with this cutie. It reminded me of my own visit to NZ 2008-2009. Amazing place!

    Lorraine  Perth, , Australia

    My Pukeko was sent to me by my nephew and his family in Blenheim, and it is sitting on my sideboard to remind me of all my family in NZ. It is cute.

    Alan Clarke  Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

    Hi my Kiwi came from Hawera, my niece sent it to me. It will live on my barbque inside the carport. Cheers Alan Clarke Ex Kiwi from NP

    Alice  Celbridge, Co Kildare, Ireland

    Hi Alice, age 7, got her kiwi sculpture for Christmas from her Grandparents who live in Australia. Her Granny Theresa is from New Zealand. She loves it and we think it’s a great idea.

    Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust

    We were really thrilled to get a fantail sculpture sent to the Isles of Scilly (30 miles off Cornwall) England from Julie and David, staff visiting New Zealand, and their two boys.

    Martin  Saarbrücken, , Germany

    Hi! My Kiwi came as a Christmas gift from a good friend who has spent her holidays in New Zealand (once again, thank you Fabi). What an awesome gift. I have never done ‘metal origami’ before!

    Sue  Manzini, , Swaziland

    Hi, I am working for a year in Swaziland for Medecins Sans Frontieres and one of my friends sent me a Pukeko for Xmas to remind me of home. So its now on our mantlepiece here in Swaziland and keeping an American, Columbian and Scot company as well as me.

    Mick Strover  Ashford, Kent, England

    Given to me by my grandchildren when they came home to England after a Christmas break with their friends in Aukland

    Joyce Bayly  North Vancouver, BC, Canada

    I just received a Fantail from my Grandson’s in Drury, N Z. Loved it and now every time I look at it I will think of them.

    wichert  athens, greece

    your kiwi has arrived in Athens-Greece. A very long fly!!!!!

    Sharon Young  Warrington, Cheshire, England

    My Kiwi has flown to me for Christmas. I love him 🙂 He was a gift from my brother and sister-in law. Thankyou. What a great idea, He is enjoying his new home and the view from our kitchen windowsill.

    Anna   , , Switzerland

    Hi, I just got a kiwi from newzealand from my father. What a nice little gift. It’s now sitting next to my window in a small town in switzerland. Thank you!

    anne troughton  nairobi, , kenya

    oue fantail arrived here in Kenya for christmas from my sister who lives in Kaikoura- pride of place on the mantlepiece!

    Florence  Oxford, , England

    Just received mine from My aunt for christmas.

    Amy Leah  Thunder Bay, , ON, CANADA

    Brilliant idea for a postcard! I’ll work hard to keep the little guy warm this winter. Thank you Barry!

    Humphrey Hamlin  Montacute, , England

    Yes we have a Pukeko which sits on a shelf in our living room to remind us of our time in Tauranga. What a good idea for a tourist novelty

    Wayne Blanchard  Rockingham, Vermont, USA

    Our kiwi is hiding in our Christmas tree; I think it must be quite happy there because the days are so short this time of year. Except for the lights on the tree our little nocturnal friend enjoys many hours in the dark. Even though we never saw an actual kiwi during our month on the South Island, the sculpture is a fun reminder of a fantastic trip.

    Jsyne  Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

    We we were sent our cute little Kiwi from friends in Inglewood. He is very cute and will be well looked after . We will let him sleep inside and feed him some good aussie food .We hope he enjoys living in sunny Queensland , Australia . We might even make him a aussie 🙂

    Dean  San Diego, California, USA

    My good friend Jonno sent me a kiwi from Aotearoa, and the little guy made it all the way to America’s Finest City, San Diego. He arrived tired but in good health, and now keeps me company at my home office!

    Maureen Breen  North Delta, British Columbia, Canada

    We received our Fantail from our relatives in Wellington when they were here on a visit.The pretty little sculpture is a nice addition in our home and we love it!

    Sharon Peterson  Lakewood, Colorado, USA

    My Granddaughter sent me this Kiwi. She was in college and traveled to New Zealand. I was there over a year ago. Very Special.

    Jennifer Standing  Liss, Hampshire, UK

    Our fantail arrived with greetings from my son who is on honeymoon, travelling around the world and currently in NZ! He saw it and thought of me! It is very happy in its new home in Southern England – although it is certainly not used to these freezing temperatures.

    jane  chester, , england

    Our son and daughter inlaw brought it back from a visit to nz.



    Franca  Berlin, , Germany

    I got my Kiwi from my lovely friend Emi today!!! I’m so so happy!!! such a great gift to always remember her!! he flew all the way from Manukau to Berlin!!! now he has a nice, cozy home here with me!! thank you so much Emi, love you!! xx

    Pauline and Phil  York, , England

    Our friends are on holiday in NZ and sent our Kiwi to us to say hello

    Jacek  Lörrach, , Germany

    We’ve received our Kiwi from my parents, who are currently travelling through South New Zealand. What an awesome idea. Our Kiwi is joining now our Elg on the kitchen board.

    DELBREIL Jacques  VALENCIENNES, Nord, France

    Your kiwi has flown here in the North of France due to my son and daughter-in-law who assisted to the last 3 matches of “Les Bleu” (= French rugby selection) and sent us the very nice bird postcard. Really, kiwis can fly!!!

    LEFEUVRE Soizic  Toulouse, , France

    For my birthday, I received a kiwi sent by my sister Gaëlle who’s currently working as a volunteer at Tawharanui Regional Park. It founds good friends in Toulouse, in our garden. It gets on well with our dog and he is staying on my desk. It cry all the night. The homesick probably. Thanks to my sister for the gift ! A great and beautiful souvenir from the antipode.

    Laura Duncan  Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland

    Just been given my Kiwi by my in-laws who received it from their friend in Palmerston North – she now has pride of place on the window sill!!

    León Wittler  Zeven, , Germany

    I was really happy to find a little Kiwi in my post. I don’t know who send it to me but i gues my Maorie friends send it to me. They were a big part during my life in Australia.They were great people and really good freinds, always taking care of someone. I miss them and think this was a great idea. Who knows maybe they’ll visit me one day and see the kiwi on my desk.

    John Oleson  Saint Johns, Arizona, United States

    My Kiwi has landed in St. Johns, Arizona, USA. It was given as a gift from a dear friend in Nelson, New Zealand. A lovely gift and reminder of a beautiful country! Thank you for such an innovative piece of art!

    Tracy & Martin  Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States

    Our tuatara enjoys his view of the volcanoes and high desert outside of Albuquerque.

    Mo Morris  Croesyceiliog, Torfaen, Wales

    We received our Fantail from friends in Napier who we stayed with when living and working in NZ.It was a gift for our wedding in september 2011

    Linus Franke  Liestal, , Switzerland

    Ich bekam meinen Kiwi zur Geburt geschenkt von meinem Onkel Lorenz. Er war ein Jahr als Austauschschüler in Neuseeland. Ich war erst drei Wochen alt, als mir das wunderliche Vögelchen zuflog.

    Peta  Neilrex , NSW, Australia

    Our kiwicanfly sheep is on a sheep farm in NSW, Australia, happily grazing. We bought it back from NZ where we were for the early rounds of the RWC.

    natalia andreani  roma, , italy

    Wow…..I found my tuatara in a postcard form NZ…so funny….now he is living in Rome, Italy, near a beautiful park full of lizard….

    Jean Brogan  Donegal Town,Co Donegal, , Ireland

    I received my tuatara from my lovely niece Tara who is nearing the end of her working visa to NZ.she has sent different sculptures to her mum and all her aunts so there’s a colony of them living in donegal ireland.great idea, much better then the usual postcard.will treasure it.

    brenda potter  Raunds, , England

    My Kiwi came as a birthday present from two friends touring New Zealand this year.

    Maureen  Columbus, Ohio, USA

    Thanks to my sister in NZ, my firends in Columbus Ohio now know what the kiwi bird looks like. Up till now, they have had to made do with the “human kind”. My kiwi’s owner is an expat NZ’r.

    Isla and Skye Barr  Edinburgh, , Scotland

    Hi We love our kiwi and fantail that our Grandpa sent us from New Zealand. They are sitting on the windowsill and looking out for thier first sighting of snow!

    Fox Family  , Lincolnshire, England

    My lovely sister Alison & her fab fiance Andy just came back from NZ after a 3 week stay with Andy’s parents. We got the groovy fantail just before they arrived back. What a great idea! We enjoyed putting it together! Thanks sis X

    Adam Faris  Port Moody, BC, Canada

    My sister is in New Zealand for the Rugby World Cup, and sent two sculptures to my kids who received them today. Super Cool! Fun to get these on the West Coast of Canada. These kiwis sure can fly! Oh yeah….GO CANADA! Thanks Auntie Andrea

    Tarnica  , , England

    I just got a Pukeko from my Mum back home in NZ and love it! I have made it known that I expect to receive the full set! 🙂

    Dominic Townsend  Congleton, Cheshire, UK

    My Tuatara arrived with my cousin Teresa from NZ this week. It’s awesome!

    sarah read  , , north wales

    we collected our pukeko in person. what a fantastic idea so we got more.just love them


    Hi There We have a beautiful Kiwi can fly Sheep adorning our fine wool merino farm in Victoria Australia. Fabulous idea for a postcard!

    Philip Hoare  Kenilworth, Warwickshire, England

    Birthday present from my daughter who lives in New Zealand. Gift to remind me of my pathetic attempts to photograph the fantail!!! Lovelly gift, which sits in our office at home.

    Jytte  Pellworm, , Germany

    I got the kiwi from my host familiy in Wellington! Now he flies around on a small island in the German North Sea. He isn’t alone though joining all the sea gulls, oyster catchers and swallows! What a good idea and memory of the great country NZ…

    Sarah Pickford  Ilminster , Somerset, England

    My son spent 10 months out in NZ and he gave us a pukeko when he came home. Its now sitting on my mantle piece at home

    Glenn Adams  Perth, WA, Australia

    Good idea! Thanks Mum in New Plymouth

    Julie Bew  Ash Vale, Surrey, England

    My Pukeko arrived on my birthday a present from Susie & Tony – they moved to New Zealand five years ago I miss them very much and am looking forward to spending Christmas & New Year with them in Hamilton

    jorge zepeda  Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

    Mi hija Daniela recibio este hermoso Kiwi que le envio su tia Lily, quien fue a visitar a su hija Gigi residente en Adelaide, adorna nuestra sala en Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico.

    Zoe Hart  Crewe, Cheshire, United Kingdom

    We received a Kiwi from our friend Mitch who is now living in Wellington, New Zealand. Our Kiwi is now proudly living on our fireplace in Crewe.

    Bex Murch  Surbiton, , United Kingdom

    Having left NZ, 5 years ago to move to the UK and live in London, my Auntie and Cousin, sent a Kiwi to me in a welcome card, when I moved into my new house. So now this Kiwi has another Kiwi living with her in London.

    Helga Burns-den Daas  Rotterdam, , Nederland

    My daughter Luna got the kiwi from her granddad ‘opa’ Mike for her 4th birthday. What a great present and so cute!

    Edouard  pontlevoy, centre, france

    c’ était un cadeau d’ une amie française qui habite à Whangerei elle l’ a ramené de nouvelle Zélande pour moi . Il a une super vue du paysage français ,gros de tous le monde de la France . Edouard

    Roy French  , Benfleet, UK

    A Father’s Day present from my daughter in Christchurch.

    Lorna White   Huntington Beach, California, United States

    We received our Kiwi from our son and his new wife on their honeymoon trip to your beautiful country. We have our Kiwi in the backyard patio hanging on a wire so he can really “fly.” He has many new friends in the yard: Hummingbirds, Orioles, Goldfinches, Hawks, Egrets, Sparrows, lots of Wetlands birds, and many furry friends also. We will be good parents to him.

    lew ward  brush prairie, washington, usa

    My daughter sent me a fantail for fathers day.She lives in Dunedin. we are going to visit her in November.We have lots of birds and can’t wait to see all the birds she has told us about.

    harrison  surrey, BC, canada

    I got your kiwi in surrey canada, BC, it is on our window sill with the pukeko that my mum got, thanks

    Holly Slade  London, , United Kingdom

    I’m a kiwi and got a lovely little surprise when my mum had sent this to my work in London!

    Kathy Clevenger  , , Namibia

    Hi, I love my kiwi can fly! A New Zealander send me one and I think it is so cool. He has a good home here in Namibia! thank-you, Kathy

    Amy Burdick  Annapolis, Maryland, United States of America

    Just received our Kiwi Can Fly sculpture from our daughter Elizabeth who is studying at the University of Otago. In the USA, she attends Bucknell University. She is in love with your beautiful country and is sad to be leaving in a few weeks after a five month stay. Thanks for having her!

    Norbert Waldmann  Düsseldorf, , Germany

    Good morning, I have been given this little fan tail bird from my sister and her family for my birthday which now sits on my desk 🙂 best greetings to N.Z. !

    Kathy Hicks  Redruth, Cornwall, United Kingdom

    My lovely Fantail made it all the way to the UK from my best friend who lives near Auckland 🙂

    C.E. Diebel  Fairbanks, AK, USA

    I was given the kiwi by a friend who works at the Auckland Museum. It now sits on my window sill at the Museum of the North in Fairbanks Alaska staring at the Alaska Range. It will have a grand view of the sunrises and sunsets in the winter with the possibility of auroras.

    Liss  , , B/c. Canada

    I received your pukeko as a card. It is innovative. Good job.

    Thorben  Hipstedt, Niedersachsen, Deutschland

    Mein Kiwi und Tuatara fuehlen sich auf dem Drucker hier im Buero sichtlich wohl – nur der Zusammenbau ist mir Grobmotoriker nicht so perfekt gelungen… gut, dass Tesafilm nicht auf die Entfernung zu sehen ist ^^. Ein schoenes Andenken an gut drei Wochen am anderen Ende der Welt 🙂

    Colin Knight  Romsey, Hants, U K

    My Kiwi came from my Grandson in NZ. He now sits with other souvenirs,a Bush Pig from The Gambia, a Moari Plastic carving, a British Policeman and the Imp from Lincoln Cathedral on a ledge in my workshop.

    Vicky Sinclair  Glasgow , Scotland, UK

    My kiwi was sent to me by great friends who live in New Zealand. It arrived in Glasgow for my birthday and remninds me of what a fantastic place NZ is and how much I plan to return there one day. The stars are amazing down there. My kiwi has Scottish roots and now a Scottish home too, Thanks to Marshall and Claudia for this.

    Jasmin  Stuttgart, , Deutschland

    Ich hab ein Kiwi aus Neuseeland von ner Freundin zum Geburtstag bekommen 🙂

    Patricia Ferreira  Betanzos, La Coruña, España

    This little kiwi has arrived today from NZ to Betanzos in Galicia, Spain. My sister has passed 15 honeymoon days in that wonderfull country. She has sent this special postcard. It is an original present.

    Claire Allan  Denarau, Nadi, Fiji

    I had to move to Fiji because my dad got a job over here and i left just before my 12th birthday so my best friend sent me a Pukeko for my birthday to remind me of home.

    Nicolas  Lausanne, , Switzerland

    The wonderful little Tuatara made the whole way from Christchurch to Switzerland! I got it from my former hostfamilly for my birthday

    Marlene Stenger  Rockport, Maine, USA

    I have always been a bird lover so was very happy to receive this card from my grandson who has been working at a perma farm on Waiheke Island for 6 months–My kiwi now lives on Penobscot Bay in Maine–a very long way from NZ–he will be well taken care of and will probably become friends with our sea gulls!

    SARAH MOORE  Weymouth, Dorset, England


    Brian Greenyer  Edinburgh, , Scotland

    My daughter who is travelling around NZ sent me the kiwi. It sits on her bed awaiting her return !!

    Sebastian Günther  Dresden, , Germany

    Hi Florian…. erstmal kurz zu deiner Geschäftsidee….Glückwunsch….mal wieder ein perfektes Beispiel, dass man mit einer ausgefallenen Idee zu den Siegern gehören kann. Als ich deine Fotos gesehen habe….denke ich die Redbull-Dosen waren der Anfang….ge Was ich sagen will….deine Idee ist gut und bei so vielen Neuseelandliebhabern und Touries bestimmt auch ein gutes Standbein. In Gedanken bin ich selbst schon im Reich der Kiwis und somit einem der schönsten Länder der Welt. Lange wird es nicht mehr dauern. Vielleicht meldest du dich mal…und man könnte so einen ersten Kontakt aufbauen. Auch für Tips, wäre ich dir sehr dankbar! Liebe grüsse aus dem sonnigen Dresden. Anke und Sebastian


    Da Du keine emails mehr beantwortest, veruche ich es auf diesem wege. Hast Du das Business nun an jemanden anderen verkauft? Warum konnte ich es nicht kaufen? Du sagtest, dass Du es nur zum testen auf trademe gepackt hattest. Monika

    Quentin  , Bourgogne, France

    I was given the kiwi by my grandparents who were coming back from a journey in New Zealand. I find it very funny !

    Cole Cornelius  Hawi, Hawaii, USA

    I received a Fantail from my niece in Nelson, NZ. It presently hangs from a length of monofilament line with a view through our kitchen window of the blue Pacific ocean and the island of Maui in the distance. As it swings lightly in the breeze passing through the window, it also appears to intimidate the always present geckos which run in and out through the window all day.